Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Thistle and Wheat Book Card

Fairy Tale Princess Book

Most little girls dream of fairy tales and princesses and most little girls are princesses to their parents.
This book card is a display piece as well as a card. Made with layers of "pages" in a soft salmon pink along with nasturtiums and pearls. This card is A5 in size and comes with a decorated gift box as shown.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Growing Books - blackberries and brambles

This a new design I've made and it'll hopefully be the first of many.
I'm calling these Growing Books.
They are A4 in size and come with a gift box.
The "book" has many pages but through the top pages, the plants have "grown through" forcing their way through little tears in the paper.
This one features blackberry bramble with its pretty blossom.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Christmas In June

 A little early but many crafters have to start early on Christmas designs ready for fairs and events nearer the season. Here are a few samples of new designs for Christmas 2019 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Steampunk,Curios and Oddities

I know it's not to everyone's taste but we are all different and so many people love skulls, steampunk, curios and oddities.
With that theme in mind, I have been making these cards ready for sale....

Below are top hat shaped cards. The first for him...

...the second, for her. 
Each of the oddities are 3-dimensional.

Then, a skull-shaped card. This has two layered so the eye and nose cavities are 3-dimensional.
The insert is a faded replica of the front and the text reads "Happy Birthday"

Friday, June 7, 2019

Busy week Part 3

Inspirational words mean a lot to many people. There is always a saying or quote that will mean something to you at any given time. Giving them as a gift can let someone know that you're thinking of them but also the wording will be significant from you to them.
I have made some signs for that purpose. They are light to send in the post and there is a to/from area on the back of each for you to write your message.

Each sign comes with a white envelope ready to post.

A Busy Week Part 2

Some Customer Orders....

First, a Birthday card for a lady's 50th Birthday.She works in Admin and dreams of going to The Maldives.

Another order: A 30th Birthday card for a Liverpool Football Club fan.

A wedding card for a Welsh bride and an Irish groom.

Another wedding card. Both the groom and bride are teachers hence the blackboard. Both love Harry Potter so I used the HP font to detail their names on the blackboard. They both love cheese and wine and they have a gorgeous cat called Gordon who I made into a comic effect and added the sorting hat. I think he looks wonderful and could easily give Mrs.Norris a run for her money.

I have more customer orders to post but will leave them unil next time.

A busy week Part 1

After a three day market over the bank holiday weekend, I have had to replenish stocks but also work on customers orders and make some new item ready to sell this coming weekend in Beaumaris.

First of all....Harry Potter. Always popular with any age group, I sold out of all HP makes this last market. I wanted to make some new designs so, here they are....

This was a trial run for a double-sided Hogwarts Express station sign.
I also made a one side sign too.

A couple of prints I made up with information from the Harry Potter series. One from Bourgin and Burks; the other from Potage's Caudron Shoppe.

I have also made small greetings cards from these designs plus others as you can see below..

I like sign ladders. Here are a few I've made in different lengths featuring a lot of the places mentioned in the HP books.

The one above is VERY long approx 4 feet, maybe more.
The one below is a little shorter.

Some shorter ones...these are a great gift especially to send in the post as when they are folded down,  they don't make a bulky parcel.

Something from Knockturn Alley now...

or Potage's Cauldron Shoppe if you are looking to purchase a new cauldron

A Birthday card featuring Diagon Alley

and then, new designs for Christmas cards with the Harry Potter theme.
These are my own design so exclusive to PAtchwork Island Paper Creations...

The one above features a cauldron and the text of the Hogwart's Christmas carol.

or below, the same cauldron but with the greeting on the front with the infamous Harry Potter font

Finally, the same image but with a different font which I thought perhaps for those who are spiritual or Pagan/Wiccan.


Next, is Alice In Wonderland.Another popular subject.

Some greetings cards.....

and a couple of sign ladders....

I'll have more Alice In Wonderland products over the summer.