Thursday, July 25, 2019

Wedding Day Cards

I was recently commissioned to make a wedding card. I often get asked to make a card using the theme of their invitation. The invitation showed a natural floral spray as if picked from a very well stocked country garden. Here is the card I made to reflect that initial design.

 To gift a card for a special occasion, only a box will do. I made the box to co-ordinate with the card. Both the lid and the base are lined with matching papers. A tissue cover then wraps around the card inside the box.

The name tag has the couple's initials faintly printed as a background. The same on the main greeting on the front of the card.

The inserts are bordered by the paper design that runs through the whole ensemble. A faint sepia image of the wedding venue is printed on the left-hand side insert.

The right-hand insert has a printed greeting

A separate order for the same wedding but from the Groom's parents this time.

The design was inspired by the flowers from the bride's bouquet; a photograph of which was sent to me for reference.

A gatefold design was chosen as the base card but the customer.

I created the front design with a false front panel which was attached to the left-hand "gate" or fold. A circular piece was then layered on top of the first panel. Around the circle lay a sprig wreath with white berries but where each berry should be, I added a decorative liquid to create "pearl" effects.

I then set about creating the floral additions. The paper roses were made from a beautiful parchment effect paper. These were to be the main focus in the arrangement as they were to be set highest.
I then added thistle, ivy, lavender and pink blossom.

Inside, two pockets were created, one on each fold into which a pull-out card. Each card then had a printed message from the Groom's parents to the Groom and Bride respectively. 
In the centre, another message but to both the Groom and Bride together, along with a photograph of them both.

I carried the floral theme in part through the inside of the card for unity.

Lavender flowers were added after I had taken these images.

*Faces have been deliberately blurred due to data protection and publishing on this site.

A key to the left fold to symbolise the Groom

An ornate heart on the right fold to symbolise the Bride.

The front of the box was left with just a hint of what was inside with a smaller wreath embellished with dainty pearl drop berries and a simple white satin bow. A classic cream and white patterned box lid on a white linen effect card base and an embossed tissue lining.

A wedding gift from the couple's dog was also made, in the form of a personalised bone-shaped sign.